There is a hint of nostalgia, a pinch of history and the evidence of struggle in our story. What started as an enterprising business across the border in undivided India three generations ago is a national empire today. One of our forefathers set up shop in Lahore. He worked hard and created a market for his hand-crafted designs. After the trails of partition; hard work ensured that the tradition survived in India. Down the line; the next generations have taken the onus to spread the business and today we are present in Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

In Bengaluru since 1984, the journey so far has been phenomenal. Keeping with tradition, we have worked our way through changing trends and customer choices, to create rare spectacular pieces of art. Our designers work with traditional craftsmen exploring the untold treasures of the Indian heritage.

From the desk of the CEO